William "Bill" Ridley's Picture/Poster Collection

Thanks for stopping by the "Collections Site". I created this section in an effort to help the Widows/Families of our American Heroes find a place for some of the mementos and collectibles they are willing to part with. This (I hope) helps the families in an effort to go through all the memorabilia we aviators tend to collect while we're in......the items are NOT NEW, therefore you will see some "wear" on items, as they were obtained over the years. Enjoy, and know that you are helping these families.......

These are on a "first-come, first-gets" basis. If you want one, please email (only) me (whiteyinga@av8rstuff.com) so that I can keep everything in chronological order. When listing what you want, use the "row, then column". If you need a "closeup" of the pin, let me know and I will send via text/email.

Since "MOST" of these pins are "singles", it would have taken too long to scan/upload each one, but if you need closeup details or have questions, drop me a line. Since they are singles, I will accept checks, money orders, PayPal (same as email) or when you get a confirmed reply from me, you can call with a credit card.

There are differing quantities for all these, so please be aware there may be only one, there may be 6-9, and they come in the condition you see. Please ask all questions before finalizing, as I couldn't bear to ask for a refund from a widow.......thanks again to the greatest group of enthusiasts on the web..........ya'll are awesome and make me proud to know you!!

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Price: $6.99 EACH

These pins are all from foreign countries and are original. Most come from either Turkey (Coronet Freedom exercise) or the Phillipines (Commando Sling exercise) deployments.

Need More Info? Email "Whitey"