F-15QA 'QATARI' Patches

F-15QA 'QATARI' Patch (V) F-15QA 'QATARI' Patch (V)
Size: 4.6" Height
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(Another AV8RSTUFF Creation): F-15QA is Qatar's advanced F-15 variant. Boeing has officially rolled out its new advanced F-15 fighter jet variant, F-15QA named as "ABABIL", for the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF). After the completion of pre-delivery pilot training, the first set of F-15QA aircraft were delivered to Qatar in 2021. The Qatar F-15QA program further enhances next-generation technologies in the advanced F-15 such as the fly-by-wire flight controls, an all-glass digital cockpit and contemporary sensors, radar and electronic warfare capabilities. Driven by digital engineering and advanced manufacturing, these aircraft represent a transformational leap for the F-15 and will enhance the superiority of the QEAF with more speed, range and payload than any fighter in the world. This is their "desert/gray camo" pattern used on the jets and does come with WHITE velcro attached.

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