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Thanks for stopping by AV8RSTUFF, 'THE' largest, most popular and most diverse military patch website on the Internet, all due to you and thousands like you. This site was created by "WHITEY", a former Naval Flight Officer and USAF WSO/ABM to help those of you, like me, who are military patch collectors and couldn't get that one patch from a cruise, deployment or squadron. If I don't have it, email me and I'll see what I can find out through the network of thousands of other collectors that may have what you are looking for or need something you have!

This site specializes in AUTHENTIC, full color, USN, USMC and USAF fighter, bomber, and carrier airwing related patches, although other types of patches are often available, as well as coins, lapel pins, lanyards or any other memorabilia you may need.

My focus is to make available all the new designs as they become available. I do this in a number of ways, such as working with the deployed squadrons to order with them as new designs come out. I also work with many of the patch manufacturers to order direct. If you are looking to have something designed, I can help there, too.

Current as of 15 November 2021

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Military Ballcaps

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DFW TailHookers

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Military Zippos

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Cloth Facemasks

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Flag Patches

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NASA Patches

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USN/VF Lapel Pins

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Silk Bloodchits

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Parking Spot Placards

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Masonic Items

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Whitey's BIO

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Military Squadron Keychains

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Payment Info

We accept most types of payments:

1) Major credit cards via the shopping cart on the website

2) Paypal (

3) Personal checks

4) Money Orders (from U.S. banks only)

5) And as always.......CASH IS KING!!

Patch/Shipping Info

As the site is now under (old) NEW management, I will be recreating the website entirely in an attempt to make it much more
user friendly, so please bear with me. As soon as you place an order, I will do my very best to get the items mailed to you within a few days.
If an item is "back-ordered", I will let you know also.

Unless otherwise specified, I typically ship FIRST CLASS via the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you would like the additional
"tracking", please let me know in the "Comments" section and I will ensure it gets taken care of.

Some of the patches have velcro, some don't (I will try to specify if it does). I have a little I can provide, so please let me know if you need a piece sent.
I only offer the HIGHEST QUALITY items, and most patches are new but, occasionally we get some that are vintage (old) such as when purchasing a collection.
Typically, NONE have never been worn by anyone at anytime. The old ones are original and the new are directly from squadrons except for a few of the
reproductions. If you have any questions on which ones you're purchasing, please e-mail me at the address above or just give me a call.

We try to work directly with the squadrons to get you authentic items. If you are a squadron CMO/PAO or Snack-O, drop me a line to see what
we can do for each other, as I like to buy out your "old stock" when you transition to a new aircraft, airwing or boat. As a former CMO/PAO, I'll make sure you
are taken care of, as I remember the time we shut the Intruder down! It was a chore to get rid of all the "overstock/old stuff".

I'm not a store, just a web-based site, that way I can keep the costs down for your items. I work closely with the all the branches of the military, as well as,
civilian emergency response units (police, fire, etc). We also support local charities by offering the best pricing for your items.

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