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VA-44 Squadron Patch (Repro) VA-44 Squadron Patch (Repro)
Size: 4 1/2"
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This squadron was established as Fighter Squadron 44 in September 1950, then redesignated as Attack Squadron 44 in January 1956, but were disestablished in May 1970. This is the hand-made reproduction patch created for them. They participated in Korea in 1953 and began flying the A-4D in the late 50's. Lots of history with this unit....let me know if you want more.

VA-44/VA-106/VF-22/VF-43/VF-45 'Gaggle' (Pentagon) VA-44/VA-106/VF-22/VF-43/VF-45 'Gaggle' (Pentagon)
Size: 6"
In Stock: >5
Price: $8.99

This is a reproduction "gaggle" patch created for CV-43 for one of their Vietnam-era deployments and shows the different squadrons that were in that Airwing at that time (VF-22 Cavaliers, VA-44, VF-43, VF-45, and VA-106). I don't have all the history, but have been told it's quite the story!! This is a large patch, perfect to build a jacket around and does not come with velcro attached.

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