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VA-52 Pocketknife (Green) VA-52 Pocketknife (Green)
Size: 2-Bladed
In Stock: >5
Price: $39.99

This is the 2-bladed, green-colored, bone handle KNIFE with the shown artwork laser-etched onto each blade. It comes in the box shown below.

VA-52 Pocketknife (BOX) VA-52 Pocketknife (BOX)
This is the box that the 2-bladed, green-colored, bone handle KNIFE comes in.


VA-52 Squadron Patch (Repro) VA-52 Squadron Patch (Repro)
Size: 4 1/2"
In Stock: >5
Price: $7.00

VA-52 traces it's history to Reserve squadron VF-884 which was established and activated in July 1950 to participate in the Korean conflict, flying F-4U Corsairs. They were designated VA-52 in February 1959. Even with this long history, the squadron is the second in Naval history to be designated as VA-52. They flew the A-6E Intruder (my favorite) and the KA-6D while onboard the Kitty Hawk with Airwing 15. This is the "KNIGHT On the Turtle" version of their squadron patch and is a handmade reproduction. This patch does not have velcro.

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