VMA-242 Patches

VMA(AW)-242 Squadron Patch VMA(AW)-242 Squadron Patch
Size: 4"
In Stock: >5
Price: $7.99

The 'Batmen' of VMA(AW)-242 flew the A-6E Grumman Intruder under MAG-11 until December 1990. They transitioned to the F/A-18 Hornet and continued the night attack mission, once held by only the mighty Intruder. They currently fly out of NAS/MCAS Miramar, CA.

VMA(AW)-242 'Ballcap' Patch VMA(AW)-242 'Ballcap' Patch
Size: 6" Wide
In Stock: >5
Price: $6.99

This is the "ballcap patch" that is seen on the front of the ballcaps. It is JUST the patch, and does not have velcro attached so that you can "melt" it onto whatever article of clothing you want.

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