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JOPA Patch JOPA Patch
Size: 3"
In Stock: >5
Price: $7.99

This patch represents all the Junior Officers in the squadron. It's a powerful union to express the desires of the squadron officers (majority of) to the Hinges and commanders. This patch does not have velcro attached.

Sea Control Wing-Pacific (Red) Sea Control Wing-Pacific (Red)
Size: 4 1/2"
In Stock: >5
Price: $8.00

This is the color version of the "Sea Control Wing - Pacific Fleet" patch for the 4 remaining West Coast S-3B Viking squadrons.

TORPCATS Squadron Patch TORPCATS Squadron Patch
Size: 4"
In Stock: >5
Price: $9.99

This patch was created by hand in the Phillipines to have the authentic "look & feel" of the WWII squadron that flew antisubmarine missions. I don't have much history on them, though. No velcro on back.

S-3B Viking Aircraft Patch (Round) S-3B Viking Aircraft Patch (Round)
Size: 3"
In Stock: >5
Price: $7.99

This is the manufacturer's patch depicting the S-3B Viking built by Lockheed and flown by the US Navy. They are stationed at NAS North Island, CA and NAS Jacksonville, FL when not deployed on each of the 12 carriers.

S-3B S-3B "Suck It Up" Patch
Size: 3 3/4"
In Stock: >5
Price: $7.00

This is the S-3B Viking "Last Class" patch for class 00-14.

S-3B S-3B "Plane Captain" Patch (Small)
Size: 3 1/2" High
In Stock: >5
Price: $6.00

This is the smaller version of the generic S-3B Plane Captain patch.

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