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Thanks for stopping by the "Collections Site". I created this section in an effort to help the Widows/Families of our American Heroes find a place for some of the mementos and collectibles they are willing to part with. This (I hope) helps the families in an effort to go through all the memorabilia we aviators tend to collect while we're in......these items are NOT NEW, therefore you will see some "wear" on items, as they were obtained over the years. Enjoy, and know that you are helping preserve the history and legacy of some of these families.......

RULES: These are on a "first-come, first-gets" basis. If you want something, please EMAIL me at ( This will help keep things in a chronological order so that the first to ask for something gets "dibs" on it. When listing what you want, use the (number) and title listed, as that's what I know it by. If you want to see a "closeup" or a picture of the back(ing) of the item, let me know and I will send via email. Remember, most of these are in a "used" condition, many worn in COMBAT, and are guaranteed for AUTHENTICITY by the family, as these are ORIGINAL items collected by the member!

PROCEDURE: Since every item is a "ONE-ONLY" quantity, no "cart" or "checkout" feature is being offered. These are being reserved via email (see above), then you can settle up either by PAYPAL, Check, or Credit Card. Email me to verify the ones you "won", then I will give you the details of your order. I hope to remove them as quickly as they are sold, that way preventing any "double-selling" a single way I know how to control this is manually.

AS-IS: These come in the condition you see. You'll see some of these patches that are on the website, but THESE ARE ALL ORIGINAL pieces purchased AT THE TIME they were made, unless otherwise specified. ASSUME AUTHENTIC ORIGINALS and (if needed) will differentiate when it isn't). Please ask all questions before finalizing, as I couldn't bear to ask for a refund from any of the family members.....thanks again to the greatest group of enthusiasts on the all are awesome and make me proud to know you!!

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